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omg so hot

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I went with my buddy Ben, t'was pretty awesome

Me and Davedays

Youtube 888 Gathering In Toronto


2008-05-23 20:18:57 by SpaceWalk

vote 5 pleasethankyou

SpaceWalk On Youtube

2008-04-02 21:15:46 by SpaceWalk

Alright so I've been uploading some of my movies to Youtube so if you have a youtube account go subscribe to my channel. :D


also here's a little preview of my upcoming movie

SpaceWalk On Youtube

First Solo Award!!!

2008-01-13 00:07:20 by SpaceWalk


looks like a picked the right day to get my first solo award

Thank you all

here's a picture Goat-Man decided to draw to congratulate me

First Solo Award!!!

Flathead collab mutha sucka

2007-11-23 19:39:54 by SpaceWalk

Linkydink boii

took 9 months but it was definitely worth it, vote 5 and request to ng collabs and/or music videos sections

My halloween movie

2007-10-25 12:08:13 by SpaceWalk

Lolloween '07

don't forget to recommend for halloween 07 collection

New Movies

2007-09-30 13:05:42 by SpaceWalk

Random Shorts 4
after like a couple weeks of work i finished the fourth installment of RS


STD Short 1
this short is pretty retarded


STD Productions

its my birthday in 5 days!!

New Movies

New Projects n' junk

2007-08-29 19:27:54 by SpaceWalk

Upcoming projects

Flathead Collab
The Flathead Collab TrippingMetal and I started back in February is almost done and should be out sometime in early October or if Trip has no problems while putting it together, it should be out some time in September.

New Aquarium
I'm starting a music video to the song "New Aquarium" By Busdriver which should be out in a couple weeks

I might make a comic series for these blog things, i think that'd be pretty cool

That's it, Later

News (omfg)

2007-08-03 20:02:26 by SpaceWalk

this is news.......enjoy